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Alexis Brianne 

​Hey there lovers! My name is Alexis and I am a Wedding Photographer based out of Michigan.  For the past 7 years, I have had the pleasure of living behind the lens, stopping time in the form of  pictures so people can relive those special moments forever.    

My goal in this career is BIGGER than "just simply taking photos". It's to bring visions to life, creating memorable experiences, and cherishing having the chance to be a part of the most special and intimate day of someone's life.

Though I am Based in Michigan, I have traveled throughout the US to many states including: Cali, Nebraska, South Carolina, New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and more. Traveling and adventuring the different landscapes of each state  is a huge part of creating memories in my life, but to now incorporate traveling into my career is the cherry on top. Wherever I am needed, I will go! 

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The Booking Process


The important need to knows: 

1. Date of your Wedding

2. Location the Ceremony and Venue 

3. Your Budget

4. Any lovely details you want to Include to let me get a good idea of the vibe of your wedding, ya'll as a couple or your story. 

I will give information on packages, pricing, and answer any questions to make sure you feel confident and stress free to move forward into the nxt bo

Deposit + Contract

Once we have gotten to chat and I am able to answer and give you all the details of what I offer for my photography services, I require a $800 deposit fee to SAVE the date in my calendar. I am unable to save that date without it. 

I will make up a contract that includes the information we previously talked about and a payment plan of the remaining money agreed upon. 

Engagement Session + Timeline Creation

The next step after booking is planning your engagement session! I will offer mood boards of ideas to give you some inspiration for types of locations and vibes for your session, but of course feel free to bounce your own ideas off of me too! Planning outfits and timeframes will be set up so that there is a gameplan. 

Down the line some months before the wedding we will make a timeline that will create the flow of the day so that you feel confident and content with your big day. 



How many pictures will I receive? Turn around time? 

As a minimum base: 300 photos. Now I strive to always give alot to my clients and give them quality while giving quantity. Exact amount varies by the many diverse ranges of wedding lengths, business, and photo opportunities. You will receive sneak peaks within 1 week and the full gallery within 8-12 weeks.

Do you travel?
Are there any fees?

Yes! Within certain distances I may require the client to provide a hotel stay to compensate the drive. If the wedding location is outside the state of Michigan, I will factor in fees for Flight or Mileage, Hotel, and/or Car Rental if a flight was taken. Depending on the state my stay will be 3-4 days - coming the day before the wedding, day of wedding, and next day trip home (if no photoshoot plans were made with the couple)


Are Engagement sessions included? When do we get that done?

Absolutely, if you have booked a 8+ hour package.  6 hours or less of photography services will not come with an engagement shoot, but it can be added for a small fee. 
Typically within 3-6+ months before the wedding an engagement session can be done. But in general, there are no rules to this free session, it can be done at any point in time before or after the wedding. 

Other Services