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Tyler + Julia

Had an amazing studio session with Tyler and Julia for their engagement! They wanted a session that was fun and casual. Pairing their outfits with the killer combo of light jeans and white tee - comfy AND aesthetic. StudioStudio in Ann Arbor offered the perfect space for us to utilize backdrops and furniture props and plants.

Since my sessions offer the option to do outfit changes, they decided to switch up the vibe going with a classier aesthetic and even bringing out a cake with their save the date - literally why don't more people do this?! SO CUTE. Again this space offered a switch up of elements that matched the black and white class of their second outfits, even having a fun kitchenette for use!

Of course Michigan weather is highly unpredictable, a snow storm was going into full effect towards the end of their session, but it was beautiful! We just HAD to run out real quick as a last hoorah and celebrate the fact they are going to be hubby and wifey soon!!

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