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Alex + Olivia

Updated: Feb 22

Kicking the 2024 winter off with an engagement session! It was an intensely windy day, but beautiful nonetheless. Trekking up a trail in Grand haven called Rosy Mound- we found ourselves being blown away not by the wind itself, but the beautiful views. Rosy mound offered us Tree trails, lookout points, and beautiful sandy hills with water in view.

We started off the session with a hike through the trees. Tons of tall trees in rows make for the perfect backdrop. The way the light hits through them shines perfectly on Alex + Olivia.

Next stop was a trek up and down a lot of stairs - literally like 100+ steps! We made it down to the bottom toward the water. Vast hills and land full of sprinkled snow and tall grass. A perfect tree for cuddles was what we needed to get break from the wind for a few seconds!

Olivia had a vision for the end of the shoot as the last hooray- kisses on her man! Shoutout to Elf lipstick!

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