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Tulle Meets Rock n' Roll

Let me introduce you to another one of my top favorite photoshoots. Honestly y'all, what can I say? everything about this session I was stoked about.

I had been wanting to change up the location style that I normally gravitate to, which is anything nature from flowers fields to pretty much anything surrounded by grass and trees. I decided to branch more into the city of Grand Rapids and chose two spots, a library and the calder plaza, home of the infamous sculpture "La Grande Vitesse".

Ashley was the lovely model that I pitched my ideas and vision to and instantly she was on board with the whole concept of doing an Edgy Photoshoot. Not going to lie, reaching out to models and upcoming models is always something I get nervous about. Not because of fear they will reject my idea (which 90% of the time models will always be stoked to collaborate with you), but plain and simply, two words: Social Anxety. A photographer with social anxiety? Is that even a thing? Yes! Even though you're constantly having to communicate with new people and put yourself out there, which don't get me wrong, is one of the best parts of the job, but the anxiety is still there. However, thankfully Ashley and I clicked and were both stoked about working together on this session.

From the clothing to the accessories, and her posing, everything was on point. Needless to say, she D E L I V E R E D!

We started out with our take on "Tulle meets Edge". Tulle skirts are a must. Period!

I started her out posing in front of a library that looked kinda grunge- is that a thing? Once you see the pictures you will understand what I mean!

Next we headed over to the second location. The second outfit with the red sculpture in the back couldn't have worked out any better. The outfit screamed rocker/vintage, mine and Ashley's two favorite styles.

All in all, I would say it was a success branching a little out of my comfort zone. Getting out of that comfort zone really helps me to progress and keep learning as a photographer. It only makes me better and more adaptable!

Anyways, enjoy!

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