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Trent + Chelby

Capturing proposals are literally my favorite, the moment and day is filled with so many emotions from literally everyone. The guy being super nervous to ask THE question and wanting the day to go perfect, the girl being completely surprised and feeling so important, loved, and special, the family filled with excitement, and the photographer who has to play it cool and act like they weren't in on the surprise. Not only is everyone individually feeling all these emotions before the proposal, capturing the love and complete joy as its happening and the aftermath of a proposal is just ugh so so beautiful.

Trent had reached out to me to surprise Chelby. I wanted his day to go smooth and stress free as much as possible so that meant me answering any and all questions or concerns he had, going to the locations and helping him find the perfect spot for a proposal and showing him how the flow of the session will be. We chose to use a few spots in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids, which turned out to be literally perfect for this photoshoot.

Being able to photograph big steps in peoples lives is honestly such a joy for me. These big moments in their life that I am able to "stop time" so to speak , giving them photos that they can look back on and cherish, reliving all the feels over and over.

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