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Studio Portraits

Well well well, look who finally caved into shooting INDOORS! Wild. I am a sucker for the outdoor settings, landscapes, and the natural lighting. I have always had this fear of shooting indoors because what if the lighting isn't going to be all that good? What if everything is grainy? Will it be boring, I can you make a simple backdrop in a studio seem appealing? I think those are logical doubts about shooting indoors, but it ain't as scary as it seems!!

Since I am a natural light photographer it was hard to adjust my thinking about studio shoots. To me studio means you automatically have to use Flash and Lighting equipment for your photos, however that isn't always the case. You CAN use natural light in a studio.


In a studio IT IS A GIVEN that there are windows, granted where that window placement is might differ from studio to studio, BUT they're there! Set up your backdrops or model so that they are facing the light. That might mean you may have to move props and equipment around until you find that perfect spot, which you totally can do.

*Don't be afraid to move things around, as long as you put it all back. Show some respect to that studio!*

Another thing I noticed is that when shooting indoors, you might be limited on what you can bring into that space. For example, photographing outdoors, you have the scenery to add into your photos, theres trees, mountains, lakes, dunes, forests, etc! All kinds of elements can be added into the background of your photo, however, being in studio you have a blank sheet of paper. How is that supposed to be appealing?


There is something so very unique and appealing about minimalism being brought forth into photography. Being in a studio I feel it gives you an opportunity to focus solely on your model rather than on the background or landscape. You have to make sense of an empty space and do something creative. Theres many ways you can use a studio: You can bring in your own props (big and small), you can utilize different color backdrops to bring a pop of color to your pictures, and you can learn to simply focus on the posing aspect for headshots or commercial modeling.

Photographing in studio has become a low-key favorite of mine. I can use it for commercial modeling portraits, editorials or styled shoots, and even regular portraits for seniors. It comes in handy during harsh seasons like winter when the snow and the cold might not seem too favorable to be out in. The world is your oyster when it comes to shooting inside a studio, make it a goal to try it out, make it unique, practice with the lighting, it will definitely come in handy!


  1. Sanne Vandenbergh (IG: Santannabananah)

  2. Carissa Matthews (IG: Carissakim_)

  3. Alexus Voss (IG: Alexusvoss)

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