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Never Too Much Tulle!

Let me just start off and say I WISH I COULD WEAR THESE DRESSES!! Somebody get me a plus size tulle dress please! Asap! Even though I didn't get to dress up in these dresses, I found some lovely models to have fun in them for me!

All over instagram I see these beautiful tulle dresses being photographed literally all over in so many variety of locations and different seasons of the year. I had this idea to photograph my own version of these shoots. Initially I was only going to use the big poofy tulle dress out by the ice and water in Grand Haven, Mi, but since I was able to keep the dresses for 3 whole days, I HAD to make the most of it!!

First up is Addie, she endured the cold by the waters of Grand Haven, MI. We were able to utilize different areas at the beach to get this killer photos, but also this beautiful tree trail to showcase the dress in all its glory. Addie definitely made this dress look so elegant and editorial!

Second model is the darling Raquel. She was literally such a blast to photograph in the city of Grand Rapids, MI. I wanted to portray a big tulle dress in the heart of the city. She brought fire and fun into this session. I also had her jump into the blue dress and display more of an edge to this elegant dress. I think its safe to say we succeeded!

Lastly, my lovely model Haley endured cold winds in this beautiful area outside a castle in Saugatuck, Mi. She was giving me all the Elsa vibes. Like literally how gorgeous does she look!! She brought out the soft and iciness of the blue dress. "Brought out the iciness" Does that make sense? I feel like y'all know what I mean!!

This project was such a fun thing to bring to life with so many different models and such different location settings. I hope that you all enjoy these photos!!


Addie @Addiewink

Raquel @Raquelitaslifestyle

Haley @Haleymargo.infp

Dresses rented from @Thehiverentals

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