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Modeling in a Flower Shop

I have to say out of all the photoshoots I have done, I believe this one right here will always be one of my faves. From the perfect location, a stunning model, a never ending amount of flowers of all colors and styles, the cooperating weather, and the confidence in myself that grew throughout this shoot, all are reasons why this session stays in my top favorites.

I was driving down a road one day in a town that is completely opposite to where I live. I noticed there were two different flower shops right across from each other and at first I was going to keep driving, but knowing me I had to turn around and check it out. Immediately I could start to visualize what sort of content I wanted to create and the type of photoshoot I wanted to do.

*Of course before doing any type of pictures at businesses, I always ask the owners if it is okay to do so- always ask for permission, its just the right thing to do y'all!*

Haley was the lovely model during this session. We had collaborated before so I knew I wanted to work with her again- She honestly makes my job super easy.

At the end of the shoot I felt more confident in my skill, but even during the session it was satisfying to know that I was able to make the model feel confident in herself as well. Sometimes we may think people who are pretty/ models don't need to be hyped up because they KNOW they're pretty, well, models are HUMAN with their own insecurities and doubts about their self, so as a photographer it is my biggest accomplishment when I help them forget all their doubts and they start to believe that they truly are killing it!

If you wanna take away anything from this post:

Tip #1: Hype your clients/models up!! Complimenting and commending them helps the photoshoot to become more relaxed, which benefits the outcome of photos.

Tip #2: If allowed, DO photoshoots in flower shops!!

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