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Khaleb + Katie

Ah yess another couples photoshoot to add to my blog! This time its all about Khaleb + Katie. These two were honestly SO easy to photograph! The amount of love that they feel for each other definitely shined through onto these photos. I definitely was in my feels behind the camera from start to finish not gonna lie!

Khaleb reached out to me to have this photoshoot be a gift for Katie. I find it so romantic when the guys do all the work of planning a photoshoot for their girl. Usually it is always the girls bringing up the idea of taking photos together, so it is a nice change to be able to see the guys doing something romantic or doing surprises for their lady.

We decided to use this beautiful locations called Rosy Mound in Grand Haven, MI. The forest of tall skinny trees is absolutely breath taking to me. It was so calm and quiet, the weather cooperated with us, basically everything was perfect! In this location were many other spots to use so we were able to utilize of the areas space.

I hope y'all enjoy these photos as much as they do!

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