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Keegan + Callista

"Months before the wedding" feels were all up in this shoot with Keegan and Callista. These two had been together for years and in just a couple more months they were going to be married. I had grown pretty close to Callista so I wanted to gift them with a photoshoot. It is always stressful when planning a wedding and trying to get everything in order, but thankfully for them this photoshoot was a great stress reliever. It was a perfect way for them to have a moment together, reflecting on how they were going to soon embark on a lifelong adventure together.

I was super excited to be able to get more experience with photographing couples and to practice capturing those sweet moments. I learned that when it comes to photographing couples is to always have them touching, whether by hug, hand holding, kissing, dancing, etc.. really getting them involved and intimate with eachother. Of course I did my best to incorporate those ideas into this shoot. I'd say it was a success!

For the location we ended up finding this pretty area of tall grass and weeds- knowing me and my location style for photos, I couldn't pass that up! Sometimes the most "ugly" locations can turn into a great photo opportunity. Despite the fact that I actually tripped over some weeds while trying take a couple shots, I think its safe to say we got some great pics, well worth it.

As we were headed back to their house, I spotted this beautiful huge tree and just had to get a couple shots with it. When I see a location that catches my eye or can quickly visualize an idea, it is hard for me to just keep driving by, I have to actually jump out right then and there and try to do something creative with it, never hurts to see if it works out or not!

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