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Joshua + Kherington

Back at it again with another couples session! This one was a bit more special because it was my brother + sis in laws 10 year anniversary! They hit one of the many milestones in marriage. Sadly though beacuse of covid we weren't able to throw them a party, but they were totally psyched to be able to do a photoshoot to celebrate instead.

My brother and sister are probably one of the most hardworking couples out there. From working, Djing, being a father and her constantly creating content, blogging, mentoring, modeling, and being a stay at home mom.. its a lot! So it meant a lot to me to have them step away from life for an hour and take a moment to reflect on their love and enjoy each others company. Lots of laughter with these two, but I was able to capture their relationship in just this shoot. Now they have beautiful pictures to have and look back on forever!

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