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John + Jessica

One avenue or style of photography that I really do love and want to keep progressing in is photographing couples. It's such a satisfying feeling to be able to capture sweet moments for the couple to enjoy, share, and look back on. I really feel that when couples take the opportunity to get photos done, it no doubt brings them closer together. Getting your photos done with your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, fiancé, what have you, it simply gives you the chance to focus only on one another. Its an hour or two out of your busy lives to feel all the love feels all over again. It allows you to be able to hold each other close, look one another in the eyes, to have them by your side, to hold onto, to kiss and feel affection for, to laugh, and to fall in love with all over again.

I met Jessica when I was working retail in 2018/2019. Probably one of the chillest coworkers to work with and eventually managers to have. On one of our shifts she had mentioned that her and her boyfriend had been together for quite some time, but they didn't have any legit pictures together, so with her saying that I automatically was more than happy to capture some for them to have.

We decided to do pictures at the beach, which worked because there wasn't even that many people there. Not going to lie I was nervous, though I always get nervous before shoots because I have so much in my head, I want the shoot to go great, and I want to be great for my clients. However, there really was no need to stress, it was really such a chilled session. They even were down to getting wet and splash around in the water! Gotta love when clients are down for whatever, even if it means getting a little messy.

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