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Jake + Sanne

Honestly, where do I begin!? This Styled shoot was M A G I C A L!!

I was invited to join this styled shoot by the lovely Photographers: Joanna + Milanda. At first I was super intimidated being around other photographers who have way more experience and better gear than I do. I swear I hear all the time "Its not about the gear", that you CAN get amazing photos with even starter cameras. I suppose I just have to remind myself that I am GOOD at what I do, even if I still am rocking a crop sensor canon T6i in 2020.

Sanne and Jake were absolutely THE cutest couple ever to shoot with. Every emotion during this shoot was genuine. The laughs, kisses, smiles, it was all very real. I mean the way he looks at her y'all! I physically can't deal! I was practically crying editing this entire shoot. I just LOVE love, yah know?

I had never gone to or done a styled shoot as extensive as this one, but it was an amazing experience. I was able to get out of my comfort zone and push past the social anxiety to gain experience and improve my skill. Honestly, it is such a great idea to join in on doing these Shootouts or to just go for it if you see photographers hosting styled shoots. Sometimes you have to give in order to gain. Don't let fear of being too beginner, too nervous, or whatever the reason get in the way of furthering your goals or dreams.

I am absolutely stoked and ecstatic that these photos came out as great as they did. I definitely feel a boost of confidence and am only further convinced that couples photography is my calling!

**A shoutout to the team:

Venue: Glass House Community

Dresses: Spring Sweet Bride

Floral: Alicia Gonzalez

Mua: Jamie Purkovic

Cake: Nantucket Baking Co.

Model: Sanne Vandenbergh

Hosts: Joanne Grace Photography + Milanda Banda Photography

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