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Dominic + Alexis

Oh my goodness y'all, I had an absolute blast with these two love birds! I love when there is genuine smiles, laughs, and love between my couple shoots. We utilized this beautiful staircase with lovely greenery surrounding it and then headed out to an insanely gorgeous sunflower field. I swear outdoor scenery just gives the best background for photos.

I just have fallen in love with doing couples photography. I find it beautiful when couples take time out of their busy lives to spend time together and get all the feels captured so that they can always have them to look back on. Honestly, to be able to bring out love and sincere joy in photos is always the goal with these sessions and happy to say I think I succeeded in doing that with these two!

Sometimes coming up with long captions or paragraphs of me rambling is difficult, so I will just let the photos speak for themselves ;)

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