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First off let me say I AM OBSESSED! This entire shoot was so insanely fun for me. I don't EVER get to shoot much male portraits. My goal was to kinda break out of my comfort zone and do something creative with male portraits! I was extremely nervous because I wasn't sure if it was going to be easy posing a male as it is females. I had endless screenshots of pose ideas just incase for backup, but I realized with a model like Deandre just how EASY it was and how there was no need to be stressed.

I reached out to Deandre on Instagram and fell in love with the look he has, the facial structure, and those gorgeous eyes. He was such a pleasure to photograph! We had alot of fun laughing and me being his hype man for the day.

I am thrilled to show off this gallery, hopefully soon I will be incorporating more and more male sessions to my portfolio!

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