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Cali's Senior Pictures

I had the opportunity to take this lovely gal's senior portraits. Cali brought all the country vibes into her photoshoot and I was living for it! She definitely wanted pics with her truck, her hat (Kinda want to get me a hat like this now), and we set the mood with some country tunes.

Let me just tell y'all, there was one specific thing during this shoot that really ended up making my day. As I started taking some photos Cali mentioned to me that she doesn't like her smile. It is understandable for my clients to have their own insecurities about how they look and view themselves, but on my end, those insecurities are opposite in my eyes. Me being the type of person that I am, I had to hype her up with lots of genuine compliments.

In saying that, I encouraged cali to smile, of course with teeth, and after some shots, good laughs, and being showered with compliments, I showed her some pics of what she looked like. She actually started to see what I saw and realized that her smile was really pretty and on top of that she FELT pretty overall! It may seem like something small to be proud of, but it was my favorite moment during this shoot!

As the photographer, being the one behind the camera, I really do see the beauty in all of my clients. Part of the job comes with the awesome opportunity to come across so many different individuals, backgrounds, race, all with their own unique interests, stories, and personality. I pride myself in living up to my goal of helping you to feel confident in yourself and help you to SEE for yourself that you are a truly awesome human being.

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